SUN, 3 JUL AT 09:30, LONDON (U.K) “In appreciation of Roberto Assagioli” by The London Wellspring Group

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Il 3 luglio, a LONDRA: presenteremo, in anteprima esclusiva,  un estratto dal film “ROBERTO ASSAGIOLI: lo Scienziato dello Spirito”


A rare  opportunity to explore the world and ideas of the founder of Psychosynthesis – the man, his life and his work. Find out about his previously hidden writings, and the “Assagiolini”. Watch the first UK showing of the documentary ‘Lo Scienziato dello Spirito ‘ (subtitled) by Italian film makers Pacileo and Maraghini. Listen to intimate personal recollections from the wellspring of Casa Assagioli in Florence. Meet and enjoy creative exchange with a panel of speakers, and presenters. From medicine to mysticism find out why his ideas are so relevant today. Experience the flavour and joy of psychosynthesis.

Contributors include:

Massimo Rosselli MD , psychiatrist  and  psychotherapist, was trained in psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli.  A founding member and trainer of the Società Italiana di Psicosintesi Terapeutica (SIPT) in the Psychotherapy and Counselling Schools, and trainer of the Istituto di Psicosintesi and various European Psychosynthesis Training Centers, he was a founder and actual president of the European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (EFPP). His main subjects of interest are body, mind and transpersonal integration  in psychosynthesis psychotherapy, individual and group self development, research and clinical work in psychosomatics, clinical psychology and psychiatry.  He is the author of several publications.

 Paola Marinelli, a former architect and now visual artist, met Psychosynthesis in 1982, when she moved from Verona to Bolzano. Since then she became an active member of the Istituto di Psicosintesi, an association based on volunteering work, as director of the Center of Bolzano, member of the Board of Directors, trainer, group leader, while being also a professional architect. The work of renovation of Roberto Assagioli’s house in Florence, now   property of the Istituto, offered her the opportunity to promote the birth of the Gruppo alle Fonti, which takes care of Assagioli’s archives since 2006, and the International Meetings at Casa Assagioli.

Keith Hackwood is an experienced Psychosynthesis therapist, Supervisor and Mindfulness teacher living and working in South Wales. He has worked across a range of settings, including schools, universities and prison and these days he works in private practice. As a poet Keith is fascinated by language and he brings the power of image, metaphor and story to bear upon his work. Keith first visited Casa Assagioli in 2012 and has returned each year since to deepen his connection to the life and work of Roberto Assagioli

Catherine Lombard , M.A has been counseling clients since 2008. She is a researcher and published writer, including numerous articles on psychosynthesis. She specializes in multiculturalism as described in her book From Culture Shock to Personal Transformation: Studying Abroad and the Search for Meaning. You can follow Catherine’s blog at Catherine and her husband Kees offer meditative, small-scale psychosynthesis and Dante trips in Tuscany and elsewhere in Italy. For more information and to contact them, see

Viv Fogel began her Psychosynthesis journey in 1979 and its philosophy has guided and woven itself into her life and work ever since. She is a supervisor at The Psychosynthesis Trust, and an energy psychotherapist. An accredited Master EFT Trainer and Supervisor with AAMET (The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques), and founder member of the Energy Psychotherapists’ Network www.energypsychotherapyworks , she teaches psychotherapists and counsellors to integrate energy psychology techniques into their clinical practices with Psychosynthesis.  She writes, lectures and is a published poet.

Keith Silvester originally graduated from Cambridge University, following which he trained in community work and then worked as an organisational consultant in the field of team conflict. He qualified in psychotherapy at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London, obtained an MSc in Training from Leicester University, and later became Training Director of the Psychosynthesis (and Education) Trust, where he is currently a supervisor and trainer, as well as maintaining a large private practice. One of his main interests is sexuality, being an Associate of Pink Therapy.  He is Chair of Training Standards for the Humanistic & Integrative College of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, and more recently has trained as a practitioner of the Alexander Technique. His other interests include architecture, design and swimming.


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